Prime Theory Of Motivation
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Why is planning the highest level?
The reason is that I hypothesise that it is the level that gives the greatest potential for responding adaptively to the environment but requires the greatest psychological resources. It also has to work through 'evaluations'. It is the only way we can store up actions that need to take place in the future or can wait until we have attended to actions that are a higher priority at the moment. 
I have often found that what is going to happen will happen
That must be true! And what was going to happen did happen. 
So if I understand correctly ,, to escape addiction one must stop living in the now moment and replace it with something else ?
In a sense but the important point is that you have to make a personal rule about your behaviour to which you are emotionally committed in a way that BRINGS THE RULE INTO THE MOMENT with sufficient force to overcome other momentary wants and needs. There are no guarantees even so. Another important point from PRIME Theory is that no behaviour change is all about one thing. There are many factors that come into play and you give yourself the best chance of changing behaviour by addressing as many 
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