Prime Theory Of Motivation
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September '12Why do we do stupid things - like smoking for example?MS Office Powerpoint
September '12Beyond brain disease and choice models of addictionMS Office Powerpoint
January '12Getting a horse to drink: how to change behaviourMS Office Powerpoint
May '11How to change behaviour: from education to enablementMS Office Powerpoint
November '10Understanding addiction in a societal contextMS Office Powerpoint
September '10A talk on application of PRIME Theory to recovery from addictionMS Office Powerpoint
September '10An outline of Prime Theory and its application to AddictionMS Word
September '09Plans, wants and oughts as predictors of behaviour changeMS Office Powerpoint
April '09Putting momenary wants and needs at the heart of understanding behaviourMS Office Powerpoint
March '09PRIME Theory to understand cigarette addictionMS Word
February '09PRIME Theory and behaviour changeMS Office Powerpoint
February '09PRIME Theory to understand cigarette addictionMS Office Powerpoint
January '09Human motivation: a PRIMErMS Word
January '09Understanding addiction through the lens of PRIME TheoryMS Office Powerpoint
December '08Critique of Transtheoretical ModelMS Office Powerpoint
January '08PRIME Theory and addiction article in FrenchAdobe PDF
January '08PRIME Theory and Addiction (Book chapter)MS Word