Prime Theory Of Motivation
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Can you give me the briefest possible summary of the theory in terms I can understand?
The best entry point is ... At each moment we act in pursuit of what me most want or need at that moment. Wanting involves a feeling of anticipated pleasure or satisfaction and needing involves a feeling of anticipated relief from physical or mental discomfort. What we believe is good or bad and what we plan to do can only influence our actions if they make us want or need things at the appropriate moment. What we feel depends on images in our heads at relevant moments and how we feel about thes 
Can this theory treat gambling addiction
With appropriate additional knowledge it should be useful in addressing any addiction. Remember that it is not a substitute for specific knowledge about the etiology of an addictive disorder but a model into which such knowledge can be integrated and used to make predictions and ask relevant questions. 
And another way to look at it?
It is a version of subjective expected utility theory but anchored in time and with a lot of detail about what constitutes 'utility' and how it comes about and changes. 
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