Prime Theory Of Motivation
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How in depth can we use the model of chaos theory for addiction
Chaos theory can give us useful insights into the dynamics of change - accounting for the observation that change can occur suddenly and permanently for no apparent reason, or gradually, or can involve a protracted period of oscillation between restraint and lack of restraint. An important implication is that our interventions should be directed at setting up the conditions in which change is more likely (tension) and populating the world of the addict with triggers for change to start the proce 
what if addicts are already stressed (for example if they have financial or mental health problems) - isn't it 'unethical' to create further tension and may even make them smoke more?
The use of the word tension is perhaps misleading - I am talking about motivational tension - a feeling of desire for change - not stress. I don't know of evidence suggesting that this has untoward effects and especially not increasing the amount people smoke - although sometimes people speculate that this would be the case 
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