Prime Theory Of Motivation
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What motivational theory applied to a subordinate who is coming late to work and frequently absent and when he is there, he seems to tired and not interested in his work. This has been going on for the last three months. Prior to this time, he had been a reliable and good employee. The supervisor decided to have a conversation with him to discuss the subordinates situation. During the conversation, the subordinate does not disagree and he was ask for explanation. He says that his wife is sick and unable to work. He also says it is very difficult for her to care for their four young children. As a result, when he is not st work he has to care for his children. He says that prior to his wife's illness. they had enough money to pay a neighbor to help with the children and the housework. Ha has also been working 30 hours a week as a brick layer to help pay his wife's medical bills. The supervisor also ask how long his wife has been sick and he says about three months. Q 1, Which of the fou
The analysis of the problem as stated is easy enough and most motivational theories would easily explain it. If we believe what the 'subordinate' says his situation is causing conflicting needs and stress. What one does about it depends on what one wants to achieve. If he were my employee and my business would tolerate it I would adjust his work goals and targets to what is achievable for him and make him feel secure and supported.  
A team in a company started work late how to identify their behaviour and how to change it what is the theory applied?
To address this issue you need to follow a systematic process of diagnosing the source of the problem and determining what needs to be done to change things. Susan Michie and I have published a manual for this. See 
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